Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mixing with Yellow

Our first week trying out Open Ended Art! I was so excited to get into it! Open Ended Art is such a great idea! Thanks Teaching My Little BookWorm!!

Mixing With Yellow:

Connor has been obsessed with the color green lately. So we had these fun things:

Connor wanted to put a green tablet in but it only comes with blue, yellow and red tablets. So we made green by adding 1 yellow and 1 blue one. The result: green bath water of course!

We also did an ice cube painting. I filled some of the squares with a little bit of water (not alot, because i found if you do, they overflow when you add the FC and the colors mix) and then added 1 drop of food coloring into each cube. I then carefully covered the tray in plastic wrap and used a sharp knife to cut a slit over each cube, just big enough to fit popsicle sticks in. The popsicle sticks kept falling over but i managed to get a few of them to stay. After leaving them in the freezer for a little while, i was able to force them to stay upright a little more.
The next day (it can be done as soon as they are frozen, but we were busy that day) i laid out some white paper for them on the picnic table outside and let them go to work painting. Thankfully it was a very hot day and they melted pretty quickly, so they were able to color with them more. They loved it!! Connor was able to learn more about mixing colors. With Brianna i practiced just teaching her the plain colors. Great craft for a hot day! Brianna also loved putting the ice cubes in the kiddie pool.


  1. great job with the mixing .. i was also thinking of doing it in the bath but then i thought yellow water would look a bit funny hehe....

  2. I would have never thought of having fun with the tub tints for an open ended art twist--what a fun idea! I LOVE the homemade paints you made too--so creative!

  3. Great ideas! And I think the paints look yummy with the popsicle sticks in them, hehe.

  4. The fizzy bath paint looks like fun! I also want to try the ice cube painting.

  5. Welcome to the Open-Ended art. Actually, I had to skip the week because of the travel, but I read through the ideas, and they are all so different and so much fun. It reminded me to try an ice painting soon - maybe some time this week while I am visiting my family.


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