Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Color Swirling Milk Experiment


I am so happy Naturally Curious Tots is back! I really enjoyed it, when we had time to do it that is :)

This weeks theme is colors.

I saw THIS idea over at The Shafer Family blog and knew it was exactly what i should do!

I poured a cup of milk into a bowl and let the kids choose what color food coloring i should put in. I squeezed in a few drops of each color.IMG_0149

I then added a few drops of dish soap and immediately the colors spread apart. It was really cool!IMG_0150

I then gave them a spoon to mix the colors and the result wasn't as pretty :/IMG_0151

So i added a couple more drops, of blue this time, and it was somewhat pretty again, but not for long.IMG_0152

I think it would've been neat if instead of mixing it with a spoon, we just added a drop more of a color and the soap and kept making it swirl around everytime we did so. Maybe next time :)


  1. This looked FUN! Did they want to play in it and drink it when you were done?



  2. I have wanted to try this for the longest time. Thanks for reminding me!

  3. Yay! I'm glad it worked for you all! Definitely cool, right? :)

  4. we love making rainbow milk! it is so much fun! we might have to do that again this week!:)

    so glad your happy its back so are we. I better type up my post for it! :)

  5. Oh, and I left an award for you at my blog! Forgot to mention that earlier! :)

  6. This did look like fun. I am going to have to give it a try.


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