Sunday, January 10, 2010

Land Animals and Zz

 Tot School

Land Animals:

We made this farm tot book from 1+1+1. Check it out HERE.103_0017 103_0016

Connor was nice enough to let his sister help with the coloring.103_0014

We made dog biscuit prints.


Connor did some animal worksheets from his Learn Everyday Preschool book.103_0004 103_0007

I found some pictures of land, sea and air animals from Google (images), printed and cut them out and Connor had to find all the land animals. Can you guess what our themes will be for the following 2 weeks?103_0018


is for zebra.101_1676 101_1679

Tot trays/Misc:

They both played with Connor’s new Toy Story memory cards ALOT. We have yet to play a real game of memory though. They just like to look through and find matches of their favorites.


Brianna loves her new princess tea set.


Connor did a bottle cap activity.101_1670

Connor got this Toy Story stamping set for Christmas. I wasn't surprised when this was the first Tot Tray he picked this week.


He went to work making pictures to send to his cousins in MD :)101_1687

He worked on the number 6.


Here is what Brianna is usually doing during our school time.101_1680

Connor and i played Candyland. It was the first time we had played in awhile and i was shocked to find out he knew how to play! He knew where to move his piece everytime! He had played once with daddy so daddy must have done a good job teaching him :)103_0013

The kids loved using their new trays!103_0003

He shocked me again when he sat at his tray coloring pages in a coloring book, once again for his cousins in MD, for over an hour and a half!! He was concentrating so hard too. And he really wanted to do it!103_0011

Connor did more pages in his Learn Everyday Preschool book.101_1682 103_0005 103_0008

Brianna really enjoyed her dolls this week, which i love.103_0012

They both helped me make blueberry muffins.103_0001

Hope you had a great Tot School week too!


  1. Your two kids are precious! Thanks for sharing some cute ideas! Happy New Year!

  2. What a fun Tot School week! Those lap trays are great!! My little one has gotten into baby dolls lately too and just LOVES them; and I think it's SO sweet!!

  3. What a great week!!! I love the dog biscuit prints :)

  4. aww the pic of them using their trays is ADORABLE! i think you should print and frame it

    you guys seem to have been busy this week accomplishing a lot! thanks for the ideas

  5. My daughter has a a purple tray with her name on it. She works at it all the time. We also use it for name recognition activities. Love the bottle cap spelling - I REALLY need to make my bottle caps. I see them everywhere! Oh ... we have the same Sesame Street alphabet mat. Check out my blog to see how I used it. Good week!

  6. Do you really like those file folder type activities? I've seen those all over but they seem like a lot of work. Is it worth it?

  7. I love recycled activities! Cute bottle top activity!

  8. So much fun! I like the dog biscuit stamping craft and your land/sea/air animals sorting activity.

  9. I like those dog biscuit prints! What a cool idea.

  10. What a fun week! I also like the dog biscuit prints.

  11. Thanks for some great ideas! i think we are going to try and make the dog biscuit prints!

  12. What a fun week the kids must have had!! You are such a great mommy!


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