Sunday, March 21, 2010

Brianna’s Tot School: Milestones, St. Patrick’s Day And More!

Tot School

First let me start off by saying Brianna has reached 3 big milestones this week!

One, she had a birthday!! (you can check out that post here.)IMG_0548

Two, she started potty training! And she is doing better than we could've imagined!

(We spent the first 3 days with her dressed like this:)25900_1378550993689_1529321965_30960746_5319123_n

And three, she now gets Tot School posts all to herself!! I have decided to start posting Connor’s separately over at Preschool Corner :o)

So lets begin!

For stART we made green frosted cookies, IMG_0593

and shamrocks.IMG_0595

And in Sunday School she made this cute craft from Oriental Trading.IMG_0589

She enjoyed stamping this week.IMG_0631

And playdoh.25900_1378561953963_1529321965_30960785_2928623_n

We didn't get much else done because we spent alot of time outside this week. 25900_1378562833985_1529321965_30960786_1317804_n IMG_0617IMG_0627

(notice the *ahem* wet spot on her pants)

Another milestone is that she now climbs the ladder on the swingset by herself!


Only a couple of times did she fall a from short distance.IMG_0608

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Wow! Congrats on all the new milestones!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! Looks like a fun week in the sunshine.

  3. Great job on the potty training! We're taking it really slow and I'm letting my little one lead for now. Once the weather gets warm (to stay!) we'll start it "officially". I really like that Sunday School craft!

  4. I love that shamrock craft with the father, son & Holy spirit on it. Great job on the potty training. I am hoping to start with Jackson next month. I might have to come beg you for tips! ha.

  5. We made it 3 hours today with out an accident then 2 in 10 minutes! Congrats Brianna on all of your milestones

  6. I love the shamrock craft, very cute. How exciting that you are potty training. I tried to start, but have decided to wait until Little Sweets turns 2.

  7. Happy Birthday! :)
    Congrats on the successful start to potty training, too!

    This was definitely the week for playing outside - good thing tots need that just as much as they need structured learning.

    Did you recently update your blog? It's very cute!

  8. I want to start potty training M next week! Wonderful that B now has her own little post!


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