Monday, March 29, 2010

Brianna’s Tot School: Noah’s Ark

 Tot School

Noah’s Ark:

We had a rainbow themed lunch. She was able to find all of the colors i named. Except yellow, because bananas are more of a white.IMG_0683

We made animal cracker arks for stART.IMG_0679

We all played with Connor’s Noah’s Ark toy.IMG_0705

Tot Trays/Misc:

She enjoys her new Barbie magna doodle so much! She plays with it on and off all day, everyday!


We went to our local children’s museum and checked out the new Lego Castle exhibit!IMG_0666 IMG_0668 IMG_0662

Brianna colored shape worksheet from our 3,2,1, learn book and then found the smallest shape from each set.IMG_0697

She stamped with this cute set of stamps from the dollar section at Target.IMG_0718 IMG_0716

She played with Connor’s big blocks.


And we did a science experiment that i will be posting about next week.IMG_0732

Brianna’s favorite book to read this past week was Bunny’s Noisy Book, by Margaret Wise Brown. I love this adorable book!

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  1. Very cute!! Love the Noah's ark project with animal crackers.

  2. Great week, I have to check for those little stampers, Emily would love them! I also can't wait to see what the experiment is :0)

  3. What a fun week! Your children's museum looks so cool!

  4. I can not wait to see about the experiment as well. The stamps look like fun!
    Sophie is getting a Magnadoodle for her birthday as well. I hope she likes it just as much!

  5. The Magna Doodle is a big hit around our house too! Looks like it was a great week!

  6. Great week! Love the Noah's ark theme


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