Monday, April 12, 2010

Brianna’s Tot School: Easter!

 Tot School

Easter Activities:

We played a fun Easter game. I loved the way this game taught about Christ’s death and resurrection! Brianna was asking questions and i loved that :)

IMG_0809 IMG_0815

Check out my post here to see how our Easter went with family.

We also made these neat negative cross paintings. I cut out a cross shape and lightly glued it (with a glue stick, not liquid glue) to a piece of construction paper. She chose yellow. She then painted all over the paper.IMG_0875

Then i removed the cross shape to reveal the one that it made underneath!IMG_0877

Tot Trays/Misc:

Brianna colored a black worksheet from our Everyday Preschool book. She loved coloring with a colored pencil! And she asked me to sing the song on the paper (Baa, Baa Black Sheep) over and over.IMG_0741 IMG_0744

She loves her singing princess book!IMG_0816 

And she did great on this puzzle.IMG_0820

She enjoys her new Melissa and Doug cupcake and cookie set! And i love it too!IMG_0784 IMG_0787 IMG_0808

I didn't get any other pictures of us playing, so that’s it!


  1. What a fun week! Those cupcakes look like so much fun!!!

  2. That cupcake set does look like fun!

  3. That cupcake set does look like a lot of fun!

  4. She is a little lady, not a baby anymore! Looks as if she had loads of fun, I am so happy that she is asking questions and participating in the work you planned for her. That is great!


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