Sunday, May 2, 2010

Brianna’s Tot School: Spring Cont.

 Tot School

(Brianna is 25 months old)

We continued our Spring Theme this week!

Using bingo markers, Brianna dotted some spring pictures.IMG_1145 (source)

IMG_1153 (source)

We made a bird feeder! I stapled and taped together 1 1/2 paper bowls to make the bird feeder. She decorated it with stickers and crayons and we hung it, with some wild birdseed, on our fence.IMG_1122

In Sunday School a couple of weeks ago, i made a “God made seeds” craft with the nursery kids. We put birdseed into finger paint and let them feel the seeds. Then we made handprints with the paint and some seeds got stuck in it, just as planned.IMG_1101

She also colored a spring picture.IMG_1151


Tot Trays/Misc:

She worked on an orange coloring sheet.IMG_1103 IMG_1106

She was able to work on this lacing apple for the first time. She liked it alot.IMG_1094

For the first time she played Candyland! Mommy of course had to help her do everything. But i was happy she sat through it and wanted to move her person. And she recognized every color on the cards, which made me happy too :)IMG_1116 

We visited the temporary dinosaur exhibit at our local museum and science center.IMG_1082

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  1. Fantastic week! I love that orange coloring sheet!!

  2. How do I join in with tot school?

  3. Wonderful week! Love the bird feeder!

  4. That lacing apple is the coolest thing! Wherever did you find that?

    She did a great job on her bird feeder. I hope lots of birdies stopped by for a treat.

  5. You guys were so buys! Looks like the kids had fun at the dino exhibit. I'm planning to take my kids to our local science center soon too! :-)

  6. What a great week, that lacing apple looks really neat!

  7. Love the seed in the paint idea. Don't you just love the way they still colour in, everything in bold bright colours all over the place. I love it! She did such a great job colouring in, I just love her little face as well, you can see how much she enjoys it!


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