Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Easy Tissue Paper Flowers


This is such an easy way to make a tissue paper flower!

All you need is a pipe cleaner and some sheets of tissue paper roughly cut into somewhat small circles.IMG_1167

First, make a nub on one end of the pipe cleaner.

Then push each circle through the other end of the pipe cleaner, up to the nub.IMG_1169

Scrunch one circle at a time up and around the nub. IMG_1171

Connor scrunched them all up, and very tightly. Too tightly. I had to un-scrunch them actually :) But the end result is very pretty. And it would be gorgeous if you made a bunch to have a little bouquet. What a great Mother’s Day present too!IMG_1172


  1. So cute, we are also busy with mother's day crafts - but for the grannies. I will only post on monday about it as both grannies read my blog. Don't want to spoil the surprise!


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