Friday, June 11, 2010

Birdseed Sensory Bin


I’ve been loving looking at sensory bin ideas lately! There are so many great ideas out in the blogging world. You guys are oober creative! And im jealous ;) Haha.

Even though this bin is more of a spring themed bin (um yeah, we are practically in summer), i thought id share it anyway. I just made it this past week, ha!IMG_1828

Here is what is inside:

  • Birdseed and brown rice
  • Flowered cupcake liners
  • Empty baby food jars
  • Little plastic scoops (from baby formula containers)
  • Feathers
  • Butterfly and flower pieces from our Thing-a-ma-jig blocks

The kids had fun scooping,IMG_1848


and chasing the feathers that kept blowing away! I thought this would become annoying, but the kids actually thought it was fun chasing them! Until a pink one flew over the fence and most likely down the street. Brianna was not happy about that! I think because it was pink…IMG_1839

We found that if we keep birdseed on top of the feathers, they will stay in the bin. Connor also stuck them standing up into his baby food jar filled with birdseed.

They loved filling the cupcake liners and baby food jars with the birdseed because they would set it out for the birds. However, no birds ever came :(IMG_1845

I can’t wait to make a summer themed bin!


  1. So fun!! Love the birdseed since you can just recycle it in your bird feeders in the fall!!

    Have fun and keep on digging : )

    pink and green mama

  2. Awesome, you should link up with my Kid Friendly Friday post.

  3. Great bin! Looks like so much fun, I am going to have to try to make one for Summer too.

  4. this is really fun for the kids! I've never even heard of a sensory bin. How interesting :)

  5. So cute! I bet they had a lot of fun with that. Thanks for also stopping by my blog. :)


  6. Sensory bins are so much fun, great idea to use bird seed! I think switching them up throughout the year is so much fun and keeps things exciting. E likes hers to have cottonballs in it, for wintertime snow.

  7. I love sensory bins and definitely need a few new ideas. This one is great - Matthew loves birds and would love setting all the cute containers out for them! I really like the idea of sticking the feathers into the jars with the birdseed, kind of reminds me of arranging flowers or something (that probably makes no sense - sorry!). Great post!!


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