Sunday, November 20, 2011

Our Backyard Birds

One of the things on our Full Bucket List is to learn about our ‘backyard’ birds. In other words the birds we’ve seen flying around our backyard! We spent some time in the backyard a few days ago and i tried to zoom in and snap a picture of a bird as fast as i could. It wasn't as easy as i thought it would be, especially with a couple kids around ;) But i did get a picture of this one-IMG_3089

After asking on Facebook (hehe) i found out it is a mockingbird. And thanks to (awesome site), i found out it is a Northern Mockingbird.

On the site we

  • listened to its call
  • found out what it eats
  • and learned that it ‘voraciously defends its territory, attacking intruders including house pets and even people.’ Connor and Brianna had some questions about that!

We also always have a ton of crows in our backyard, especially in the fall. image

We learned they

eat insects, small invertebrates, amphibians, reptiles and mammals, eggs and young of other birds, grains, fruits, refuse, and carrion. Steady direct flight.

will stand over an anthill and allow the ants to climb onto its feathers. One theory is that this allows the ants to discharge their formic acid, thus making them more palatable to the crow.

have been taught to mimic the human voice.They can count and work out solutions to simple problems and are fascinated with and collect shiny objects such as rings, keys and foil.

And we listened to its call.

Here are some pictures the kids made of each bird-IMG_3125 IMG_3127

This was a fun science lesson. Id be curious to see what types of birds are around where you live!


  1. Very fun! We actually have a TON of birds that fly through our area when they migrate.. We will have to give this a shot next year!

  2. Great photo!!!

    Around here, we have been seeing a lot of blue jays, cardinals, chickadees and Canada geese. A mockingbird would be pretty cool!


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