Tuesday, September 11, 2012

FIAR- The Story About Ping

So i know i mentioned in my curriculum choices post that i wasn't sure if id be posting about our Five In a Row books. Well ive decided i am going to :)

(If you dont know what FIAR is, go here.)

The first book we did was-

The Story About Ping

"Ping is the name of a domesticated duck who lives on a riverboat on the Yangtze River in China. He gets sent out every morning to forage along the river with his relatives, and is expected back every evening. The last duck on the boat would get a swat with a stick and one day he is the last duck. He is afraid to return and spends the night on shore. When he awakens his boat is gone and he is soon caught by a boy on another boat where he worries about becoming their dinner. After some time the boy lets Ping go just as all his duck relatives are getting back on Ping's boat nearby. Ping rejoins his family and happily receives the last duck swat."

Social Studies:
We found China and the Yangtze River on our globe. And she colored the Yangtze River on this map. We visited lake Ontario and talked about how the Yangtze River is so wide that at some places you can't see the other side. So i showed her how at some spots on the lake you can clearly see houses and such at the other side. But when we looked straight we could only see the water going on and on, just like the river. She also learned that the Yangtze is the 3rd longest river in the world.

We talked about ducks! And while visiting the lake we fed some ducks! We talked about the way they dabble in the water as they look for food.

We counted Ping's family on numerous pages.

We looked at several pages and talked about how the artist drew black ripples in the water to show 'moving water'. She drew her own moving water picture in her FIAR notebook.

She learned what a 'classic story' is. (Great grandpa may have enjoyed it when he was her age). And she learned that most stories that start by saying "Once upon a time" are fiction (pretend) stories. She narrated and illustrated her own Once upon a time story and i wrote it.


We talked about the similarities between Jonah and Ping. Both ran away and tried to hide because of something they didn't want to do. She learned what the word consequence means and what Jonah and Ping's consequences were for running away.

We are already into our third book/week so to catch up a bit i will be posting our second story, Lentil in a few days :)

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