Wednesday, October 10, 2012

FIAR- Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel

Um can you say cute book? I have heard of this book many many times. So many in fact that i assumed i must have read it sometime in my life. But i had not. So if you live under a rock, like me, you should read it sometime ;)


After many years of working successfully together, Mike and Mary Anne face competition from modern, diesel-powered shovels. Seeking an area of the country where his less modern steam shovel can still find work, Mike finds a small town that is about to build a new town hall. The authorities react with disbelief when Mike makes the claim that he and his steam shovel Mary Anne can dig the cellar in a single day; they protest that it would take a hundred men a week. Mike insists that Mary Anne can indeed finish the job in one day, though he has some private doubts.
At sunup the next day, Mike and Mary Anne begin work and just manage to complete the task by sundown. However, they have neglected to dig themselves a ramp so they can drive out. A child who had been watching makes the suggestion that Mike take the job of janitor for the town hall, and that Mary Anne should become the boiler for the town hall's heating system.

Bri learned two new vocabulary words: Canal and Cellar-

We looked at two different types of 'tree' drawings and she drew some herself. Ball and stick trees (from far away) and close-up trees-

Bri learned that construction workers need to use math in their work. And we drove by some construction workers digging roads and we were able to relate this to the story. She also made a square (in the story they dig a a neat square for a cellar)-

We talked about how steam shovels use steam to move as opposed to the new gas, electric and diesel shovels in the story. And we made a 'neat and square' cake!-

Social Studies:
In the story Mike Mulligan has to be flexible and understand when the new gas, electric and diesel motors get all the work. We discussed how good it was that Mike Mulligan didn't get angry or bitter instead he understood.

She also worked on some fun activity sheets from the Houghton Book site:
She had to pretend she was Mike Mulligan and she dug up something exciting. She chose and drew a treasure box :)
She also had to 'invent' a machine that could help her do something faster (like in the story Mary Anne digs a cellar in just one day) and say what that something would be. She wanted to choose Mary Anne helping her build a house-
 Lastly she had to pretend Mike Mulligan let her borrow Mary Anne for the day and write up a story about what they would do-

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