Friday, September 6, 2013

Tot School: Blue Activities


 Im baacck! Yay :) Our laptop cord came in the mail. What a relief it is to be using my laptop again!

 Tot School 
Makenna is 27 mos

Starting two weeks ago Makenna did blue activities! Here is what she did.

She made fingerprint blueberries on a pie printout-

She transferred little blue whale erasers from one bowl to another. She used tongs,
and her hands ;)

We poured vegetable oil into a glass of water i had dyed blue. And i showed her that the oil stays on top. 

She explored a blue treasure basket-

and did a blueberry sort.

She loved feeding cookie monster blue cookies.

Some non-color activities that she enjoyed:

She loves these lacing beads.

And she got to enjoy lots of playgrounds,

visiting camp,

 and much more! We definitely enjoyed summer, did you?


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